Science Fair Mentoring Project

Project at the Austin Public Library

The Austin Public Library has information and resources to help your child complete their science fair project.

Forms and Information

  • Pick up copies of the STEAM Expo (science fair) registration forms.  The completed registration forms should be submitted to the student’s school, NOT to the Austin Public Library.
  • Obtain worksheets that teach about the scientific method, how to form a hypothesis, collect data, and create a board to present the day of the science fair.

Research Your Project

  • Computers are available to find a project idea or research background information.
  • Science books are available to access for information about your topic.  Use them at the library or check them out and take them home.  Science books for kids can be found starting in the J500 section.

Computers and Printers

  • Check out a laptop and/or wifi hot spot to use at home to research your project and type your data.  These are in high demand, so be sure to add your name to the request list early.  These are not usually available to check out on demand, so be sure to plan ahead to be able to use this equipment.  (Limited availability. First come, first serve).
  • Use a computer at the library.  Research your project on the internet and type up the information for your project.  Create graphs and charts showing your results.
  • Print off information about your project to glue to your trifold board at the library or print off notes to help you present the day of the science fair.

Art Supplies and Workspace

  • Art supplies including markers, glue, scissors, construction paper, rulers, poster letters, and trifold boards are available for science fair participants.  Ask at the information desk for these supplies.
  • There is lots of space to spread out and work on your board.  Just be sure to clean up after you are done working.

For more information about the Austin Public Library, to access their online card catalog or find out hours of operation, please visit their website at