Science Fair Mentoring Project at Austin Elementary Schools

Mentors are available to work with students at Neveln and Banfield Elementary Schools in Austin. Students who participate in programs at Neveln and Banfield Elementary Schools:

  • Work in pairs with a mentor to complete a science fair project. Mentors complete an orientation and must pass a background check with Austin Public Schools. Mentors are volunteers from the community and include educators, scientists, and Riverland students.

  • Select their project from a list of tested experiments and complete all work on their project at the school.

  • Are provided with all of the supplies necessary to complete their project at no cost to the family.

  • Have the opportunity to build positive relationships with adults in the community.

A classroom program is also being piloted at Southgate Elementary School; however, teachers and other school staff work with the students to help them complete their science fair projects.

You can access a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this portion of the project at the links below:

 Neveln Elementary School

This program is open to all 3rd and 4th grade students at Neveln Elementary School.  This program starts in November and runs until the science fair (end of February). Registration forms to participate at Neveln are typically due at the end of October or beginning of November. These forms are sent home with students 1-2 weeks before they are due.

Banfield Elementary School

This program is currently open to only 26 students at Banfield Elementary School. This program starts in November and runs until the science fair (end of February). These students were selected based on teacher recommendations regarding need and benefit to the student. Mentoring at Banfield occurs during the school day based on when students and mentors are available to meet.


The full program is currently only open to students in two of the fourth-grade classrooms at Southgate Elementary School. Students in these classrooms will complete their science fair experiments at the school with teacher guidance and the assistance of other classroom staff.  All other fourth-grade classrooms will participate in a shorter science fair program that includes curriculum covering the scientific method and a classroom experiment. All supplies for these programs are provided by the Science Fair Mentoring Project.  We hope to eventually expand the full-program option to all students at Southgate in future years so all Southgate students have equal opportunity to participate in the science fair.