When's the science fair?

IJ Holton and each of the Austin elementary schools organize and hold their own science fairs. These fairs are usually held at the end of February and beginning of March. The schools will send information regarding their science fair home with students before the winter holiday break. Please contact your school for the exact date of their science fair.

The Southern Minnesota Regional Science & Engineering Fair is held at Minnesota State University Mankato is typically held on the last Saturday in April.

Why is the science fair important?

  • The science fair encourages students to be curious, ask their own questions, and seek the answers themselves.

  • It allows students to engage in science in a hands-on manner, which leads to an increased level of self-confidence in our participants.

  • Participating in the science fair helps students develop their written and oral communication skills.

  • It teaches students valuable problem-solving skills by applying the scientific method.

Your support

Many parents want to support their child in completing a science fair project, but aren’t sure how. This portion of this website is designed to help parents understand the science fair process so they can better help their child with completing a project.

It may also be helpful for parents to also review the information provided on the student’s page of this website as well. There is a lot of background information provided there for students that can also aid you in assisting your child with their project.

Please remember – this is your child’s project. You are here to guide them, not do it for them. They may not be able to do all of the steps provided here, their board may not be perfect (or even pretty), or there may be things they don’t completely understand the first time through. That is ok. This is a learning process and they have to start somewhere. Each time they participate in the science fair, they will improve and learn new things. The goal is that they learn, develop their self-confidence, and explore science in a hands-on manner, not that they win first place. Allow them the struggle that comes with the learning process. They will be better for it.