[There is] nothing better [than] to see young children get excited about science and the accomplishments they made through the program.
— Comment taken from the mentor post-survey, February 2018
With the help of the adult mentors our students are exposed to the science fair project in a safe, welcoming and successful manner. The Science Fair Mentoring project has helped make “Science” our favorite subject at Neveln. We can’t say enough about how positive this relationship has been.
— Dewey Schara, Former Principal, Neveln Elementary School
I have volunteered with SFMP since the beginning in 2014. Early last fall I was working with some students from Southgate when a previous year’s mentee rushed over to me with a glowing smile. She had transferred schools and seeing me, I believe, provided some comfort for her in a new environment. This spring at another event I saw a mentee across a crowded auditorium and we locked eyes and shared a smile. What I realized on both of these occasions is that the role of a mentor lasts far beyond the official “mentoring calendar”.
— Jennifer Lawhead, Mentor
Students always say their favorite part about the science fair is conducting the experiment. Children are inquisitive by nature and the Science Fair Mentoring Program helps nurture that curiosity. The greatest benefit is that kids are learning about teamwork, accountability, and accuracy.
— Jake Vela, Success Coach, Banfield Elementary School
She [Student 1] is a student who really benefited from the science mentoring program. Her family does not have the funds to be able to supply her with the materials needed for her project. They have several children to care for and are not able to give the time needed to complete her project. Throughout the whole process, I watched her determination in doing the scientific process to complete her project. She even had a partner who quit and she continued on with determination to do her best. She ended up getting a blue ribbon.
— Shelly Weinmann, third grade teacher at Neveln Elementary School
I have worked with her [Student 2] since first grade. She struggles academically yet never gives up. Her reading has improved throughout the years. The science mentoring program gave her confidence she really needed to feel good about herself. Her parents are not able to help her financially and do not speak the English language fluently so it is difficult for them to help her through a science fair project. This program has done so much for her.
— Shelly Weinmann, third grade teacher at Neveln Elementary School